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About Us


Our Story

The word Antarprerana originates from Sanskrit [/अन्त:प्रेरणा/] meaning inner-motivation and was borrowed by the French to define an entrepreneur as 'someone who manages and undertakes'. At Antarprerana, we are continuously supporting each other to inquire into our own Antarprerana and see if and how it resonates with our purpose.

Antarprerana is a private company, established in the year 2015, which supports entrepreneurs in Nepal through investments and mentorships. Antarprerana aims to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nepal by empowering entrepreneurs, enhancing the investment climate and advancing collaborations.

Antarprerana was envisioned in the situation where Nepal required economic growth contributed by Entrepreneurship Development. Antarprerana today operates and genuinely works to its quest of supporting entrepreneurship in Nepal with the following vision, mission and values: 

Vision: 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali'

Mission: Creating Opportunities in Nepal (COIN)

Strategy: Strengthening Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Nepal (SEEN)

Goal: 700 Entrepreneurs, 7000 Jobs

        : Support 100 entrepreneurs by 2025

Approach: Incubation, Investment and International Linkages (3Is)

Our Core Business Values:

Integrity: We do right things. We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with team, clients, consumers, vendors and the public. Accountability: We take responsibility for our own actions. We are consistent to be transparent and dedicated to do what we have promised.

Passion: We are highly motivated to do what we believe in. Our work is our passion to serve our clients with the best possible content and services while enjoying our learning.

Collaboration: We believe in two plus two is five. We nurture trust and synergy and believe in collaborations with likeminded people and organization to help us meet the bigger goals that we have set and enhance peer learning.

Focus on success: We aim for success and nothing else. Our main purpose is to set a goal and drive our perseverance to achieve it. Our success comes with the satisfaction of our team, clients, consumers, vendors and the public.

Our Credo: 

We believe in our people. We believe that every Nepali deserves to have convenient and comfortable life, and we have a faith that our entrepreneurs-the problem solvers will make that possible for us. Our people are our team who support us and walk with us shoulder to shoulder in our quest to support entrepreneurship in Nepal. Once an individual enters our organization, they become a part of the family, rather than just a mere staff or an employee. Regardless of family background and employment history of these individuals, we always welcome everyone with open arms. Indeed, it is not about where they’ve been, but about where they can be. 

We believe in our team. We believe in compatibility of an individual while joining us. We believe in positive learning attitude as skills and knowledge can always be advanced. We believe in rationality. We are not here to impose our ideas on our team, but to welcome millions of amazing and crazy ideas from them. We believe that each of our team member are capable of making their own decisions and are accountable for their actions. We believe that rationality always comes with responsibility.

We believe in you! We believe that you are amazing in your own way and you are capable of growing at Antarprerana. You can be from diverse background, culture, religion and workplace, but we respect each of your life choices and we adore your differences! 

We believe in you!