Co-Creating, Beyond Boundaries

19th November, 2019

Narayani Gaha

Never had I imagined, working with Bhutanese. Bhutan for me was confined to Social Studies textbooks in my school days. A year ago, I was introduced to Bhutan through a ted talk video by Tshering Tobgay in a youth leadership fellowship program. The video was used as a benchmark for presentation skills. It was not just a presentation skill I learned, it was about Bhutan standing in front of the global audience and pledging for the carbon-neutral country and placing happiness before economic growth. From that time onwards, I started to think of how green the places must be and how happy and environmentally conscious the people would be.
In the year 2019, Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd, the place I call the source of inspirations, along with ICIMOD hosted policymakers from the Government of Bhutan representing the Department of Small and Cottage Industries in the month of September. They are the key actors in shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bhutan. Finding ways to strengthen green entrepreneurship was the mutual understanding among us. While vouching for sustainable business, we aligned to keep the happiness indicator intact. We believe purpose is greater than profit. And thus, we started co-creating to learn ways and explore countries like Nepal and India, where we could update ourselves with how young generations are promoting patriotism in the form of entrepreneurship. 
Collecting those learning and refining to create tangible results, we worked with another batch of Bhutanese Delegates in November. This time, we worked with the ‘doers’ who could speed up co-created shared vision towards green entrepreneurship. Our mission has been towards creating an autonomous Bhutan Startup Center to nurture innovation in young generations and to create employment opportunities.
As one of the milestones, we accomplished to develop an operational model and to draft mentorship curriculum development. This brought all three (Antarprerana, ICIMOD, and Bhutan Startup Centre) of us to blend and to bond well, in a way; we were synced to go beyond what we planned for, all towards green entrepreneurship. 

We are still co-creating, beyond the boundaries.