Enabling Entrepreneurs to Thrive: Safi’s Safal Krishi Farm

Antarprerana in joint partnership with Swiss Contact Nepal completed a project named “CASA project”. For this project, we prepared a business plan and business health assessment of Safal Krishi Farm. 

Safal Krishi Farm (SKF) is a ketchup production company registered in Chaitra 2072 BS, established by its proprietor Mr. Safi Mohammad Gujar that is located at Belanpur 4, Kohalpur, Banke.

Mr. Gujar has been involved in the business of Ketchup production for the last 22 years. He observed that there is a production of tomatoes in huge quantities during its season and lack of a proper market due to which farmers have to sell tomatoes at a very low price or dump them. After seeing the gap in tomato production and its proper market, he felt the need to establish a ketchup production company. 

It was established with a win-win situation for both tomato farmers as well as his ketchup production company. Although he had a very good market network and long experience in the field of tomato production business, he required technical support and consultation for quality production, branding, market analysis, and operation on a large scale. 

Antarprerana assessed the Business Health Checkup and developed a business plan. The project was led by Mr. Niraj Khanal, CEO of Antarprerana; Ms. Shraddha Shakya, Project Manager; Mr. Susham Raj Bhandari, Investment Manager; and Ms. Preezma Paudel, District Coordinator for Banke. The team visited the production site of SKF and reviewed product quality, taste, and other marketing aspects. The CASA project took two months to complete. 

During the work on the project, our team identified the position of the business; the need for technical expertise on the production of quality ketchup production, packaging, and distribution; potential customer and potential market for growth. We also identified the need for a hygienic production environment and cold storage facility to maintain quality and smooth production throughout the year.

We believe our input to budding entrepreneurs like Mr. Gujar has certainly enabled them to thrive and achieve sustainable growth in their respective fields of business. We helped them to envision higher entrepreneurial goals and prepare systematic plans to achieve those goals.

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Mr. Gujar showcasing his ketchup production equipment
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Team in front of Safal Production site