Industrial Enterprise Developmental Institute (IEDI) 2018

Antarprerana has collaborated with governmental agencies such as the Industrial Enterprise Developmental Institute (IEDI) in providing support to SMEs. 9 SMEs associated with IEDI from several sectors including agriculture, hospitality, general household services were mentored by Antarprerana in 2018. Along with mentoring the company and preparing the pitch to investors and customers, Antarprerana and IEDI organized the Startup Showcase and Expo 2018 an event that provided an opportunity for SMEs and startups to showcase their product and services to a large number of potential investors, mentors, partners, and customers. 

  • We provided mentoring, guidance, and support to agricultures based MSMEs partnered with UNNATI to revise their business models and prepare a sound, sustainable, and scalable business plan based on it. In addition, the assignment also aims to transfer knowledge and skills that empower the MSMEs to realize the full growth potential of their business models.
  • We mentored 38 MSMEs on their existing business models and how they could re-define structure and organize their actions to increase market share and improve profitability.
  • We provided guidance to UNNATI partner MSMEs on matters related to raising debt from BFIs (Banks and Financial Institutions) and various methods of raising equity from the Nepali Market.
  • We provided handholding support to partner MSMEs on developing a bankable Business Proposal, which should include marketing, plans, and marketing schemes and campaigns and improve their financial management and accounting discipline.
  • Lastly, we guided 38 MSMEs on the usage of appropriate technology available in their respective businesses.