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Life as an In-house entrepreneur at Antarprerana

As an organization supporting Entrepreneurship in Nepal, Antarprerana also has an In-house entrepreneur who is experimenting her amazing dishes here at Antarprerana. 

Ms. Sachita joined Antarprerana since December when she came to know about In-house entrepreneurship at Antarprerana from her friend. Ms. Sachita runs her own Kitchen in a Partnership deal with herBA mate at Antarprerana. Being an MBA student, she also has a supporter, Anjit bhai with her supporting & representing her in Kitchen management and cooking. Sachita says that cooking was ingrained in her since her childhood when she used to see her whole family happily engaged in cooking (from mother, father to her brother). Even during her school days as a child, she found herself engaging in cooking. She used to love cooking and serve her friends by inviting them to her her house. Since then, she not only cooked Nepali dishes but tried Continental, Italian, and dishes. 

Cooking is her passion. Now she is pursuing her significant passion at Antarprerana. It is her past time, stress reliever, and everything she does simply revolves around it. She feels that Antarprerana has been really wonderful platform to her where she has not only been cooking and serving snacks, lunch, and drinks to team members & guests; she has been receiving feedback for her works. She has been prototyping her service in real time environment. Here she finds people with different taste and different eating lifestyle. She has thus been coping up her cooking skills with diverse tastebuds. She has mow learned to try new dishes after interaction with others. She along with her representative have tried, failied, and yet tried to get it done. She has also been grabbing other opportunities needed for the entrepreneurs like: networking, leadership development, strategic development etc. To her, joining Antarprerana as an in-house entrepreneur has been a wonderful opportunity in every aspects.

While staying at Antarprerana, she decides to find out her signature dish, find investors and get herself ready to BOOM in the real markerplace.