Nava Udhyami Haat Bazaar: Event Reflection

Nava Udhyami Haat Bazaar: Event Reflection

By Diksung Sherpa, Nirmal Gharti


Nava Udhyami Haat Bazaar concluded successfully on 23rd September 2019 (Monday) at Outdoor Adventure Center Nepal, Thamel. The program had overwhelming participation of 250 plus visitors, 37 exhibitors with online and offline media coverage. 

The concept of “Nava Udhyami Haat Bazaar” is to provide a platform for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs. The exhibitors that are in the ideation phase of the growth-seeking showcased their business, received feedback, met potential investors, and potential partners. The participants of Antarprerana’s flagship program ‘Nava Udhyamshala’ had 7 stalls respectively including Alma Artes Nepal, Chaur Futsal, Aloki Home Care, Dhacha Interiors, Srijan Organic, Healthy Living Nepal and Lazy Gringo.

We also had stalls of Doctors On Call, Wishhub, and Antidote Nepal as the previous Nava Udhyamshala batch participants. Brihat Property Solutions which is a partner of Brihat Group too had its stall placed in the Nava Udhyami Haat Bazaar. Students from Global College International (GCI) had also placed 3 stalls. The exhibitors comprised of businesses who had been part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The diversified nature of stalls made the event more engaging. While the feeling of promoting homegrown business connected the visitors with the stall exhibitors and their businesses. The stall exhibitors were from varying nature of industries like the beauty industry, construction, fashion industry, handicrafts, food industry (mostly organic and homemade), health industry, sports industry, shoe industry, tourism industry, and many more. The major theme of all these industries was creating employment opportunities in Nepal itself and promoting the Nepalese products, it was in line with the motto ‘WORK IN NEPAL’ of Antarprerana. 

One of the visitors said, “It’s so amazing that the Nepalese entrepreneurship has taken a step ahead.”

All the entrepreneurs were very optimistic about the visitors and were glad to receive positive responses from the visitors.