Unique Values imprinted by our fresh graduates: Udhyamis from Nava Udhyamshala VII

Nava Udhyamshala, the flagship program of Antarprerana. In the interval of every 3-4 months, Nava Udhyamshala welcomes a bunch of aspiring & budding entrepreneurs with each member having their unique attributes. In this month-long intensive training period, our mentors who are experts in their respective field: come and share their knowledge & experience to our Nava Udhyamis. This opens up the boundary for each of our Udhyamis for wide learning opportunity & experience sharing, networking & investment opportunities, and linkages. 

Recently on 14 May 2019, we concluded Nava Udhyamshala with the 7th batch of Udhyamis. Nava Udhyamshala VII welcomed 9 different individuals who were unique on their own. From the very first day, the team reflected strong bonding by agreeing on the same values: Honesty, Determination, and Leadership; which they would not only practice within the training session but outside the room as well.  

Determination was key to all our emerging entrepreneurs. Despite other commitments in their personal or professional, each of them tried to be punctual and came to the session with immense enthusiasm as every day here at Antarprerana, promised new learnings. We had Udhyamis who would walk out of their comfort zone and deal with people, team members from a company who pondered a business plan & financial projection that could be presented to their Executive Committee, udhyamis who strategically planned to incline his team members to achieve a common goal, and a brilliant young lady who worked out on her long lost business idea. This batch has amazing udhyamis who worked on to find network, team members, investors, and stakeholders who were willing to help them in implementing & running their businesses. 

Leadership in everything they had done characterized the batch’s uniqueness. Leadership to them within the training room was about taking every single opportunity that came forth. Whether it came on leading a team activity, thanking a mentor for their valuable time, or participating in any minute activities conducted. Leadership outside the training room meant coordinating effectively with their own company’s team members, guiding them, and working together to reach company/ideation vision. 

Honesty on giving critical feedbacks & advice to any Udhyami present in the room was highly appreciable amongst the 7th batch members. Each day, everyone pushed each other harder to excel in their ideas & businesses. Whether it was to suggest them to engage in coopetition or recommend a lawyer or set up a business meeting, this batch worked hard to help each other grow in their business ideas/businesses. 

Co-operation, bonding, and desire to work harder and help each other grow reflected uniqueness in the team. They have imprinted strong bonding not only within themselves but also on the entire Antarprerana team.