Electronic World Marketing Summit 2020

Electronic World Marketing Summit 2020

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About Program

The World Marketing Summit was founded in 2010 by The Father of Modern Marketing “Prof. Dr. Philip Kotler”. It is a global Marketing event where thought leaders, industry experts, marketing practitioners from across the globe come together to share ideas, learn, engage, and network in a common platform. This year, due to the current situation of the pandemic, the global event is going to be held on a virtual platform and is reaching more countries and participants in the form of e-WMS (Electronic World Marketing Summit) on November 6th and 7th 2020. With over 70 plus speakers, 80 plus sessions, 104 plus countries participating, this year's summit surely promises 48 hours or diverse learning and experience.

Benefits to Participants

WMS is a unique opportunity to update theoretical marketing knowledge at the most advanced state of the art, and at the same time to acquire supporting operational tools for the new world business development. 

1. A chance to learn from eighty-plus speakers from around the globe.

2. An inspiration from Philip Kotler and other global gurus from multiple countries in critical times is an opportunity to re-imagine the sustainable future.

3. Participants will receive a Digital Certificate signed by Prof. Dr. Philip Kotler and Partners.

4. Students not only learn but also receive two credit hours which are internationally acceptable and exchangeable.

5. Start-ups will learn how to do marketing & selling in the critical & post-critical situations 

6. Small and Medium Enterprises will learn how digitalization can successfully transform your businesses.

7. Learn how to be winners through innovation & marketing in times of crisis.

8. Professionals will learn to spot consumer behavior changes in critical & post-critical times. 

9. Learn how to gain confidence through trust and doing well. 



Date: November 6th & 7th

Duration: 48 hours (Can watch live and recorded)

For confirmation and queries: 9860801615 (Upama Gautam)