Nava Udhyamshala

Launched in August 2017, Antarprerana has designed an intensive training program for initiating and running a business with a tailored course for startups. Launched in August 2017, Nava Udhyamshala is specially designed for aspiring entrepreneurs to equip them with knowledge, skills, and network required for transforming their ideas into businesses and step towards sustainable growth. The course aims to build a solid foundation on which aspiring entrepreneurs can grow their enterprise. In each session, Antarprerana intakes 12 participants and provides them with coaching and mentorship for a month. So far 100 plus startups have participated in this flagship program.

Nava Udhaymshala Batch 1
Nava Udhaymshala Batch 2
Nava Udhyamshala Batch 3
Nava Udhaymshala Batch 4 (CBC Edition)
Nava Udhyamshala Batch 5
Nava Udhyamshala Batch 6
Nava Udhyamshala Batch 7
Nava Udhyamshala Batch 8
Nava Udhyamshala Batch 9

Since the first edition of Nava Udhyamshala, MVP Premiere has been a culture of Antaprerana. MVP Premiere is an event where our Udhyamis/participants present their Minimal Viable Product and share their aspirations, business ideas and their story with mentors, investors and their potential customers. However, in 2019, Antarprerana has come up with “Nava Udhyami Haat Bazaar” which will be a meetup among our alumnis and Udhyamis and an opportunity to share their stories.

Participants showcasing their MVP to the audience