NU College Based Incubation Centers

Antarprerana works with the private academic institutions to promote entrepreneurship among students through establishing and institutionalizing the Incubation Center within the college premises. The aim of the incubation center is to provide and promote business environment and avenues to college students to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and encourage them towards a problem solving attitude with facilities such as co-working space, mentorship, experts, networks and access to investments. The program supports students from ideation to initiate their startups. Further, the incubation center enables business environment for the students at various stages including to making them investment ready.


Team, Building activity at Uniglobe College
Lean Model Canvas workshop at Global College International
Shaping Ideas session at Global College International
Shaping Ideas 2 days workshop at  Slikroad In'tl College
Shaping Ideas workshop at Kantipur Engineering College
Entrepreneurial Mindset Development workshop at MVIC

In 2018, Antarprerana initiated partnership with 10 colleges across the country to facilitate entrepreneurship support to the upcoming critical mass of start-ups. Out of these, Antarprerana has started Entrepreneurial mindset development program and simulation programs in 5 colleges in Federal and Provincial level.


Presidency College of Management Sciences , Chitwan students after winning Business plan competition at India 
Shaping Ideas workshop at Hetauda School of Management
Nava Udhyamshala program registration at Hetauda School of Management


Antarprerana facilitates its early entrepreneurs to test their business models and identify minimum viable products. Moreover, it also allows them to “fail fast and cheap” rather than failing at a later stage when the loss of accumulated investments is much higher.