Antarprerana directly invests and/or co-invests to the companies undergone through its mentorship activities. Usually, the co-investment is jointly accomplished together with other partners and through a pool of other Angel networks. These investments are sometimes done by an angel group or by an investor. Antarprerana makes sure that the entrepreneurs are not only receiving investments but also alongside, getting the mentorship and support of the investors and leveraging upon the wide networks brought upon by this pool of investors.  


We have your way to investment. Here’s how: 

  • Investment readiness services
  • Due diligence
  • Facilitate business valuation
  • We have a pool of 200 angel investors who have pledged an annual amt of 200 thousand.

Who do we invest in? What do we look for?

  • We highly look for Entrepreneurs with passion and dedication, competent management team, traction/track record, scalability of the business, profitability, sustainability, ROI, Need-addressing.

Investment Approach and Processes

  • Directly through meeting/online application
  • Getting to know the project, due diligence and investment proposal, negotiations and legal agreement, co-operation and monitoring