Individual Business Consulting for Chhahari Nepal, economic pillars of Women for Human Rights (WHR), Single Women Group

15 Feb, 2021

Antarprerana is consulting a one-on-one mentoring session with the Chhahari team, an economic pillar of WHR, with an objective, to understand the current situation of the Chhahari and to analyze business components to support in creating a successful business model canvas such that the model can be dispersed within their team in other provinces as well. With the help of WHR, Chhahari has been providing employment to single women groups through their catering and handicraft business in different parts of Nepal.

A total of 8 sessions has been allocated for this program in which two sessions were conducted virtually in the month of January 2021 by the facilitators from Antarprerana. Based on the Chhahari team’s demand and specific needs, Antarprerana tailored a comprehensive and professional business mentoring session that covered a wide range of necessary business skills required for both product and service-oriented businesses. In particular, the business model plan canvas model has been emphasized such that the Chhahari team can refer to it in order to accelerate their business independently in the future.